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Greenslopes driving test centre is one of the main and most well-known driving test centres in Brisbane. Greenslopes proximity to Brisbane CBD and yet its quietness makes it a popular testing centre for many driving test applicants. Below is some information about Greenslopes driver test centre which helps you to pass your driving test at this centre with ease.


Greenslopes test centre is one of the few driving test centres that is located at a shopping mall. The test centre is located at Greenslopes mall at the corner of Logan Road and plimsoll Street. The building is right behind Jetts gym and around the corner from 21 rounds gym. A building surrounded by gyms! 

Booking a Driving Test

You have a few options to go about booking your driving test at Greenslopes test centre. We have covered them all in our latest blogpost which comes with a YouTube video as well. Read that post here to know exactly how you can book your driving test at Greenslopes CSC.

If you have already booked your driving test, we have a test package that you can use to help you calm your driving test nerves and hopefully ace your test. The test package comes with one hour lesson before your test and car hire for the test.

Driving Test Tips

It's good to for ANY kind of test, prepared. And driving test is no exception. Do you have any tips for us who are going for their driving tests at Greenslopes test centre? We certainly do. We wrote a full guide on how you can pass your driving test at Greenslopes first try, that was initially available to only our students. But then we made it public to help more people. Because here's the deal: The more lives we impact, the happier we are. 

Greenslopes Driving Test Routes

So the test centre is located at Greenslopes. But where do the examiners take us for the test? Is the test ONLY at Greenslopes? Can you tell us where do the examiners take us? Can you show us the test routes?

Well, the test is not done in ONLY one area. As you might know, for your driving test, the examiners take you to residential areas, through Give Way signs and Stop Signs. They definitely take you to 50 zones, school zones, roadworks possibly (if there are any at the time you go for your driving test!). 

You will drive on the main roads and traffic lights for sure. And you might be taken to highway as well. So ALL the traffic situations that you will come across in real life. 

Greenslopes driving test routes are extended to Holland Park, Holland Park West, Coorparoo, Stones Corner, Woolloongabba, Mount Gravatt, Tarragindi, Ekibin and Annerley. 

It's important to note that there is no ONLY one test route that the examiners take you on. It's all random, but for sure around the mentioned suburbs. 

To get an idea of how a driving test at Greenslopes test centre might be like and to get familiar with one of the test routes, you can read our Greenslopes Driving test Route (Driving test Tips) post which comes with a footage of an actual driving test narrated by Omid (Emu Driving School Lead Driving Instructor). 

Driving Test Support and Resources

Any other way you can support us who are going for the test? Yes absolutely. In fact we are supporting not only driving test applicants in Greenslopes and Brisbane, but nationwide in ALL Australia through our private Facebook group (Driving Test Support Australia) and our YouTube Channel. 

If you like to be surrounded by a supportive community of learners from all over Australia to help you with your driving journey, feel free to join our private Facebook group. Also ensure you subscribe to our YouTube channel as we publish weekly new videos full of tutorials and driving test tips. 

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I just wanted to thank you dear omid for taking the time to teach me all the steps to driving test, your guidance help me to get confidence and pass my driving test. I was very fortunate to have you as my instructor.


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