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“If you think education is expensive, try ignorance"
Derek Bok
Please note that:
  • The below prices include GST and pick up and drop off;
  • If it is your first time booking with us and you book an initial two hour lesson, you will get your first two hour lesson for ONLY $130. This is a two hour long lesson and cannot be split into two separate hours;
  • You will get the packages discount only if you pay for the package upfront;
  • If you are not sure how many lessons you need to become a competent driver and get ready to hit the road, we suggest you book an initial 2 hour lesson during which your driving skills will be assessed and you will be advised how many more sessions you would need;
  • All lessons are worth triple time in your logbook for the first 10 hours, up to 30 hours;
  • Weekend lessons do not incur any extra charges
  • If none of the available times suit you, contact us and we might be able to find a suitable time for you.
  • We cover certain suburbs of Brisbane. If you live outside of our service area, we won't be able to help you. We can only have lessons for you if you meet us in one of the suburbs that we cover. 
Lessons Pricing
1 Hour Lesson

Free Pick Up and Drop Off

$70 / Hour

Worth 3 Logbook Hours

1.5 Hour Lesson

Free Pick Up and Drop Off

$70 / Hour

Worth 4.5 Logbook Hours

2 Hour Lesson

Free Pick Up and Drop Off

$70 / Hour

Worth 6 Logbook Hours

Specials and Packages
Initial 2 Hour

$65 / Hour - Two hour lesson

First Time Booking Only

Save $20

6 Hours

$69 / Hour

Includes 3 x 2 Hours Lesson

Save $36

10 Hours

$68 / Hour

Includes 5 x 2 Hours Lesson

Save $70

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