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Hi there,

My name is Omid, the lead driving instructor and driving instructor trainer at Emu Driving School. And this is my story... I was born in Iran. I graduated from university with a degree in English Translation. I worked in Iran as an English teacher, translator and interpreter for a few years. I, then, decided to move to Australia in 2006. I have worked as an interpreter with the Department of Transport and Main Roads (Queensland) and a few organizations since 2013.

Working with QLD Transport, I translate the QLD Road Rules written test for Persian students. This job has led me to gain a quite good understanding of these rules as well as the learners' weak points. I also interpret driving examiners instructions for my Persian clients during their practical tests. 

 It was through my interpreting job that I began to realize what the examiners usually look at in a practical test. Also what kind of roads they take the learners on or what questions they ask. Besides I got to know what typical mistakes the learners make. 

 I started my driving journey in 2003 in Iran. I drove there for some years before moving to Australia. Driving in Australia, at first, was very challenging. Because the rules and even the side of driving is completely different. But I came up with some cues and strategies to cope with this problem.


Back in 2016, the spark of establishing a driving school came to my mind. And for the following reasons I thought I am a good fit for this role:


Experience of Driving in Two Countries

Developing a very good eye for details


Coming From a Teaching Background

Using my own teaching techniques in my driving lessons


Being Passionate About Driving

Enjoying being in a car for long hours


Developing Creative Methods of Teaching

Familiarity with latest technology


I developed a systematic approach in teaching my students over years. My main goal is to make sure our students develop a solid set of driving skills in their driving lessons. The skills that stay with them for the rest of their life anytime they drive. And above all, they learn these skills in a very easy and fun way.


 After starting offering driving lessons in Brisbane, we are proud to be recognized by:

Best Driving Schools in Brisbane

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Most of our students are from the categories below:


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About You!

Well enough of 'About us'. It's about you. Emu Driving School was established with you in mind. Read Emu Driving School reviews by our previous students and join the big family of elite drivers today.


My wife, who had a learners permit for 11 years, and 7 previous driving instructors has finally got her Licence and first time as well. She is truly overjoyed. We chose Omid based on his website and the testimonials. At the time I wondered if they we all true, but now having seen the patient, professional way in which he guided my wife to getting her Licence ( and blitzing it, I might add) I realise that those testimonials must all be true. She has become a very good careful driver and this is in no small part to the training and encouragement she got from Omid. On the day of the test, I expected her to be nervous, but was surprised how calm and confident she was. She told me Omid had taught her everything and she felt confident and optimistic.

By Lian          

Driving School Instructor Tana


Thai Driving Instructor in Brisbane


Hi there,

My name is Tana, an elite driving instructor here at Emu Driving School. I was born in Thailand. I moved to Australia in 2007 to study English. Then I continued my education in a diploma of commercial cookery and hospitality management. I worked in the hospitality industry for 11 years. 

Through that job, I acquired a lot of social skills and patience as I had to deal with all different kinds of people from different walks of life. This set of skills has helped me to communicate well with my students and understand them perfectly.

Right after I was eligible to drive, I obtained my Thai driver licence at the age of 18. I drove a manual car in Thailand for a number of years before moving to Australia. In Australia, I loved the convenience of automatic cars and fell in love with them. I have been driving for 15 years in two countries with two totally different driving systems, and now I am here to support you in your driving journey.

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