Ultimate Guide For Passing Test At Greenslopes First Time

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This is an ultimate guide (2023) to passing your driving test at Greenslopes driving test centre. Learn how to pass your driving test at Greenslopes first try.    

 If you are thinking about doing your practical driving test in Greenslopes or if you have already booked your driving test in Greenslopes driving test centre, you find this information immensely helpful.     

 Disclaimer: This information is not to replace your driving lessons but a guide that can complement your driving lessons. "Is Greenslopes test centre hard to pass your driving test at? What is Greenslopes test centre pass rate? My friends say if you can pass your driving test at Greenslopes, you can drive anywhere in Australia."  WOAH . That's a bald statement.      

 Believe it or not, we hear these from our students every day. But many of them go and pass their driving test on the first attempt.    Why? What’s the secret? In one word, it is Preparation.   

 If you go for your driving test fully prepared you can pass it no matter which centre. And Greenslopes test centre is not any different!  Okay with that out of the way let’s dive into everything you need to know about Greenslopes driving test centre.    

 By the way, if you have landed on this page, probably you have already passed the written test and you are eligible to go for your driving test! If you haven’t done that yet, you can read our blog post about getting your p’s, if you are a learner licence holder or read our blog post on overseas licence conversion, if you are an international licence holder.


Greenslopes Driving Test Centre Location

Greenslopes driving test centre is one of the most popular driving test centres in Brisbane. Their contact details are as follows:

Address:  700 Logan Road Greenslopes
Phone number:  13 23 80
Opening Hours:
Monday 8:30 am 4:30 pm
Tuesday 8:30 am 4:30 pm
Wednesday 9:30 am 4:30 pm
Thursday 8:30 am 4:30 pm
Friday 8:30 am 4:30 pm
Saturday Closed  
Sunday Closed  

Where to Park Your Car for Driving Test?

Watch the video below for a full guide on directions to the Greenslopes test centre. You will also find out about the exact parking spot for the test and 13 driving test tips for the car park.

Your Car Safety Check

When you go for your practical driving test, you can either take your car, your parents or a friend’s car or hire a driving school car. QLD transport does not provide you with a car for the test. You also are not able to use a hire car from some hire car agencies! 

Regardless of what car you take for the test, there are some test vehicle requirements outlined by the Department of Transport and Main Roads (Queensland) which you need to bear in mind:

  • Your car must be currently registered,   
  • Your car must be roadworthy,  
  • You should correctly display one L plate at the front and one at the back of your car (If you are an international valid licence holder, you don’t need this),   
  • You should get the permission of the owner of the car you are using for the test (If the car is not yours). You need to sign a declaration form that you have their permission. The owner of the car does not have to be there with you.   
  • You should take a car that matches with the type of licence you are getting ( So don’t take a truck if you are applying for a car licence!), 
  • Your car shouldn’t be a personally imported car with airbags fitted,

These requirements are checked when you go to the office for checking in for the test.  When you meet the examiner, they also check your car to make sure it’s safe to drive. Make sure the car that you are taking for the driving test is in a good condition in terms of the followings: 

  1. Your front lights including high beams are working,
  2. Your brake lights are working,
  3. Left and right indicators in the front and back of the car are working,
  4. Your car windows, especially front and back are not broken. Make sure they don't have a crack,
  5. Your front and rear windscreens are clean,
  6. Your horn is working,
  7. Your tyres have the minimum legal tread depth of 1.5 mm across the width of the treads,
  8. Your car tyres are inflated correctly. Makes sure you don't have a flat tyre!
  9. Your seatbelts are in good conditions.
  10. And finally, make sure there is enough petrol in your car!

    For a more comprehensive list of the items that the driving examiners look at to decide whether or not a car is suitable for a driving test, you can either read our post on driving test car requirements in QLD or simply watch the video below:


Is it better to take a driving school car for a driving test?

There is not really any difference what car you take for the driving test. The examiners wouldn’t give you any bonus for taking a driving instructor’s car for the test. They also don’t look at you differently if you go to the test with a driving instructor. All they see is how you drive. If you take your own car for the test, just make sure it is clean and in a good condition. 

The only thing, maybe, with a driving school car is that it makes the examiners feel safer. And that’s because driving schools cars are dual controlled.

If you have already booked your automatic driving test at Greenslopes test centre, you can purchase our driving test package. First, contact us to make sure we are free on your test day before buying our test day package

What Questions Do the Driving Examiners Ask You?

After checking your car safety for the driving test, the driving examiners ask you to sit in your car and turn the lights of the car on.  

 At this stage, you only need to turn the key two times and leave it at the second stop. So the air conditioner and the lights of the car turn on. Do not ignite the engine yet. 

 When you sit in the car to do this, wind your window down so you can hear the examiner.

The examiners then will ask you to: 

  • Put the right indicator on,   
  • Put the left indicator on'
  • Push the brake,   
  • Push the horn.  

After checking these, the examiner sits in the passenger seat of your car.

Pro Tip: As soon as the examiner sits in the car, wind the window up so you don’t get any noise from outside during your test.

There are 9 car controls you must know for your driving test in Queensland. So make sure you go through them the day before your test or right before your test. 

When the examiners sit in the car with you, they will ask you about two of the following car controls: 

  •  Mirrors adjustment,   
  •  Seat adjustment 
  •  Wiper and Washer 
  •  Headlights and high beam 
  •  Hazard lights 
  •  Air conditioner 
  •  Demister 
  •  Rear view mirror anti glare


You need to show them how you can do these adjustments or how you can activate any of these controls.

What do driving examiners look at in a driving test in QLD?

Knowing about the QLD Practical driving test criteria and being aware of what the driving examiners look at in a driving test in QLD, before attempting the practical driving test, is going to help you A LOT to:

  • a) Ease the driving test tension
  • b) Help you get prepared for the test

Driving examiners assess your driving test based on certain criteria that are outlined on QLD driving test marking sheet. If you would like to know (and I emphasize that you CERTAINLY KNOW) what the QLD driving test report sheet looks like, what criteria the driving examiners look at and how they mark your driving test in QLD, you can either read our post which provides a full explanation of the QLD driving test report sheet or watch the video below:


Some Tips for Driving Test at Greenslopes Test Centre

Here there are some tips you need to bear in mind before attempting your driving test at Greenslopes test centre:

  • Fasten your seat belt

It sounds like something obvious to do, right? But the majority of people are nervous on their driving test day. It’s happened that some people got so overwhelmed on the test day that they forgot to buckle up!

  • Look out for ONE WAY signs

There are many one way signs at Greenslopes and its surrounding suburbs. Remember to see the signs clearly and follow them. Remember not to ask the examiner where to go at the one way sign, unless you want to do the test again!

  • Indicate when necessary

Remember that guy who was driving in front of you and suddenly stopped without indicating? Remember how you felt and how upset you became. Don’t be that guy!

Indicate anytime you:

  1. Start driving, 
  2. Stop driving, 
  3. Turn left or right, 
  4. Change lanes, 
  5. Merge into the traffic

  • Check your mirrors

The car mirrors are one of those things that we constantly check while driving. A lot of people either fail their driving tests for not checking their mirrors enough. Or some people pass their tests, but with many minor errors related to mirrors.

  • Do shoulder checks

Surprising fact is that so many people book their driving tests and have no idea what "shoulder check" is. 

Anytime you:

  1. Get to the road, 
  2. Get off the road, 
  3. Change lanes, 
  4. Merge into traffic and, 
  5. Move over to left or right for turns.

you need to check your blind spots by looking over your shoulder. Remember not to make the common mistake of turning your torso, but only head.

  • Stop at 'Stop' sign

At the stop sign, your car must come to a complete stop. First stop the car, then scan the road. Do not roll or you need to register for the test again.

  • Give way at the 'Give Way" sign

At the give way sign, slow down, check the road and go if it’s clear. Don’t stop unnecessarily if you can see the road clearly and there are no cars coming. And NEVER drive through a ‘Give Way’ sign without checking the road.

  • Follow the give way rules

If you need a refresher on this, review your keys to driving in Queensland book again. Or just read the road rules section of the book if you don’t need to go through the whole book.

  • Watch your road positioning

Road positioning is one of those errors that can get you into trouble big time. Always drive to the left of the keep left sign. Do not drive on the opposite side of the road, unless you are avoiding an obstruction. But make sure that you get back to your side as soon as you can.

  • Beware of staggered intersections

Staggered intersections are the intersections that are not exactly symmetrical. The roads on different sides of the intersection are not exactly in front of each other. So if you don’t pay enough attention, you will end up on the opposite side of the road on the other side of the intersection. And guess what happens? That’s right. Fail.

  • Monitor you speed

Constantly keep an eye on your speed. Speed limits change from one street to another. Going even 1 km over the speed limit is an instant fail.

  • Slow down at roadworks

There are always some kind of roadworks happening around Greenslopes. Make sure you see the roadwork signs and slow your speed down to the speed limit the sign mentions (it is usually 40 km/h). Sometimes you need to come to a full stop if the traffic controllers hold a stop sign upright in the middle of the road.

  • Be aware of school zones

There are a lot of school zones in the area. Make sure to slow down at school zones if your test is within the school hours. School hours are usually Monday to Friday between 7-9 am and 2-4 pm).

  • Know about turn right rules at the traffic lights

At intersections, the green circle right is a shared light with the cars on the other side of the intersection. Make sure you give way to those cars first before turning right.

  • Make sure you know the roundabout rules

Remember you must give way to cars already on the roundabout before entering. Also know how to indicate on the roundabout.

  • Form 1 lane

This is the cause of a lot of accidents on the road and also one of the reasons for many failures in the driving test. Make sure you see the road markings and signs so you don’t bump into the cars on the lane next to you. In such cases make sure you safely form one lane with other cars.

  • Fast merge to the highway

When you want to merge onto the highway, make sure to build up your speed on the ramp and match your speed with the speed of the traffic on the highway before entering the highway.

  • Drive around the centre

It’s a good idea to go for a drive around the test centre to get familiar with the roads, sign and traffic conditions. This information will help you a lot on your test day. We usually take our students to test routes in all our driving lessons.

  • Use Google street views

Don’t have a car to drive around the centre? Not a worry! Search for 'Queensland Transport Greenslopes address' on Google and then switch to street view. And just scroll through the roads around the centre . So you get an idea of what roads are like, where the schools are and what signs are around. 

  • Watch YouTube videos

On Emu Driving School YouTube channel there are many videos that are recommended for anyone who is preparing for their driving tests. Check them out and search for more videos as well. We add a new video EVERY MONDAY to our YouTube channel, so if you don't want to miss out on those, make sure to subscribe. And if you have any questions, comment on the related video. We read and respond to EVERY single comment.

Specifically you don't want to miss this video:

If you want to know about a lot of other more reasons people fail their driving tests for, you can read or latest post in which we have compiled 34 common reasons for failing a driving test.

And if you want to know what a driving test at Greenslopes test centre is like, watch the video below. This is a footage of a real driving test at Greenslopes test centre. 

  • Join our private Facebook Group

Join the supportive community of Driving (Test) Support Australia on Facebook and get support from us and other students. Ask any questions you might have in regards to the driving test and someone will help you.

  • Overcome driving test nerves

Let's face the truth! Almost EVERYBODY gets nervous to some extent when it comes to ANY kind of tests. And driving test is no exception. The winners are the ones who can overcome their nerves. Mark Twain says it very beautifully: "Courage is not the absence of fear, but action in the face of fear".  Here it is an article which goes into more details by suggesting you 29 ways to help you calm your nerves before a driving test.

Or you can watch the video below to learn how you can manage your nerves for a driving test:

  • Take some driving lessons

Driving lessons are well worth an investment.  An expert will see you from the outside and remind you of your weak points so you don’t do it all alone. They have a much better idea of what is expected from you in the test and they will teach you skills you use for a lifetime. 

At Emu Driving School, we have very well structured driving lessons to get you ready for the test. And if you think you are ready for the driving test, you may book a mock test, where we check how you drive and advise you whether or not you are ready to take the real test.

We offer a test day package as well which includes one hour lesson before the test and car hire for the test. Before booking this package, contact us to make sure we can serve you on your test day.

Remember that knowledge is power. If you read this article carefully and fully understand it, you know how to pass your test at Greenslopes on the first try..  


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