13 driving test tips everybody ought to know about Greenslopes test centre (Carpark)

By Omid
Driving Test Info

Greenslopes Driver Test Centre is located at '700 Logan Road Greenslopes' at 'Greenslopes Mall'.  For directions to the centre, click 
on the location of Greenslopes driver test centre on Google maps. 

During all our driving lessons, we go through all test tips and test routes of Greenslopes test centre. If you haven't taken any driving

lessons yet, we recommend you book a few driving lessons before your test. 

Booking a test at Greenslopes test centre

There are two ways you can book your test at Greenslopes: 

If you don't have time to do some lessons and your test is close, these tips can help you to perform better in your test. 

The test starts in the carpark opposite Star Carwash, where there are signs of 'Driver Assessment Parking'.

All the road rules still apply when it comes to driving inside car parks. These rules are:

a) Speed

b) Give Way rules

c) Road positioning

d) Indicator

Tips for Greenslopes driving test centre (Carpark)

When you go for your tests at Greenslopes driver test centre, remember these tips at the carpark:

1) Park your car head out at the carpark space

2) Drive on the left side of the road at the carpark

3) Use your indicator when necessary

4) Drive slowly (10 km/hour)

5) Use the gap of the carwash to look for any upcoming cars

6) Use the convex mirrors to check other cars

7) Don’t miss the ‘Give Way’ sign and ‘No Right Turn’ Sign

8) Check to your right at the ‘Give Way’ sign

9) Don’t ask the examiner where you should go at the ‘No Right Turn’ sign

10) Make sure you don’t hit the island at the exit

11) Scan for the pedestrians at the pedestrian crossing when returning to carpark

12) Watch not to hit the pole at the end of the test

13) Give some room to the examiner to get off the car at the end of the test

We recommend you to read our comprehensive guide and tips for Greenslopes driving test centre before your test. 

If you need any help with your driving test at Greenslopes test centre, book a driving test package. Test package includes one hour lesson before your test (where you will be given valuable tips for your driving test) plus car hire for the test.

For any enquiries, feel free to email us or call us on 1300 800 368.

P.S feel free to join our private Facebook group, where you are surrounded by a supportive community of learners and graduates from all over Australia to help you with your driving journey.

Good luck with your test! 

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