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Updated October 2022

Driving Lessons

When can you start (book) driving lessons?

You need to have some sort of valid driving licence to be able to book your driving lesson. If you have a valid learner driver licence or a valid international licence, you can book a driving lesson.

Where to book driving lessons?

You can book your driving lessons by going to any driving school website. We provide online booking or phone booking (1300 800 368).

How much do driving lessons cost in Brisbane?

The cost of driving lessons in Brisbane varies from school to school, but on average, it is $80 per hour. The more lessons you book, the less you pay per hour. In our School for two hour driving lessons you will pay $160. For a 10 hours package you will pay $770.

How many driving lessons do you need to pass your driving test?

Every individual is different. If you start from zero, you would need at least 50 hours of driving lessons on average. If you have some driving experience, you need less hours. We can’t comment on that unless we see how you drive. After the first lesson, your driving instructor will give you their feedback. They ,then, will tell you if you need more lessons.


How many driving lessons are you allowed per week?

There is no limit on how many driving lessons you can take per week. The more driving lessons, the quicker you learn everything about driving. Also you get ready for your driving test quicker.

What can I expect from my first driving lesson?

Your first driving lesson is very casual. In your first driving lesson, your instructor will assess your driving skills. If you are a beginner, they will start by teaching you the car controls first. If you are an experienced driver, they correct your possible car operation mistakes and then move on to traffic rules.

Do you drive on your first driving lesson?

This depends on different individuals. Usually your driving instructor asks you if you have driven before or if you are comfortable to drive. If the answer is yes, you can drive. If you are an absolute beginner, you can take the control of the steering wheel on your first driving lesson, but not the whole car. If you do very well with the steering wheel, You will get the control of the pedals too.

What do I need for my first driving lesson?

a) Your driver licence
b) Comfortable clothes
c) Comfortable closed toe non-slip shoes  
d) Glasses if you need to wear them
e) Smile :)


How can I stop being nervous for my first driving lesson?

Almost everyone is nervous especially for their first driving lessons. And it is quite normal. But you don't have to be nervous. Your driving instructors are professionals and their cars are equipped with dual controls. After the first few minutes usually people start to feel at ease.

 Are driving lessons scary?

No they are not. Your driving instructors are highly trained and they look out for everything on the road. They start your driving lessons in quiet streets first. Once you are confident enough, they take you to busier roads.

Are driving lessons hard?

No. If you just sit at home and think about driving lessons, they are scary. But if you take the first step and do your first lesson, you will realize that they are not a big deal. Benjamin Franklin once said: "tell me and I forget; teach me and I remember; involve me and I learn.

Are driving lessons worth it?

Yes absolutely. When you take driving lessons, you learn how to drive a car properly from a professional instructor. You will also learn about road rules and how to deal with different traffic situations. The skills you learn during your driving lessons will stay with you forever.


Where can I get driving lessons for free?

You can get a free keys2drive driving lesson if you are eligible for it. At this stage we don't offer that lesson.

What is keys to drive lesson?

Keys2Drive is an Australian government funded initiative program which consists of one hour free driving lesson. During this lesson, the learner driver, driving instructor and supervisor are present. Your driving instructor guides this session. You will learn about road safety in this lesson. We currently don't offer this lesson.

How many driving lessons are required by law QLD?

There are no minimum requirements by law for driving lessons in QLD. But, when you want to get your QLD driver licence, you must pass a driving test. To pass the driving test in QLD, you need to know the QLD transport test requirements. Take a driving lesson with a professional driving school and they can let you know how many driving lessons you need to pass the test.

Is driving a car easy?

Driving a car is easy if you build up on these three skills:
a) Car operation
b) Road rules
c) Observations, scanning and decision making
The best approach is to take some driving lessons with an accredited driving instructor. That will help you to learn everything in the right way. Then you can get help from your parents or friends to help you get more driving experience


How can I learn driving quickly?

Learning how to drive is a process like learning anything else. You need to spend lots of time and practice to become a good driver. Learning to drive consists of three components:
a) Car Controls
b) Traffic rules
c) Observation, scanning and decision making
Be patient and go through the process. Get help from a professional driving instructor and an eligible supervisor.

Can driving lessons be tax deductible?

Please talk to your tax agent and get professional legal advice for it.

Why automatic driving lessons?

Automatic cars are so much easier to drive. You have one less thing to worry about when you drive an automatic car, and that's changing gears. That will help you to stay more focused on your driving and observing the road.

Driving lessons without theory test?

You can only take driving lessons without a theory test if you have a valid international driver licence. If you are an Australian citizen, you need to have an Australian licence to be able to take driving lessons. That means you need to have a learner licence.


Can I book a driving lesson with test?

You can have driving lessons with test included if you wish. Simply select the test package and proceed with your booking. Make sure you are ready for the test if you buy this package.

 Can I take driving lessons from family?

There is nothing wrong with taking driving lessons from a family member. Just make sure they are updated with the new road rules if they got their driver licence ages ago. Also remember that taking driving lessons with an accredited instructor is worth triple times in your logbook for up to 10 hours.

Is there any driving lessons for beginners?

Driving lessons for beginners are a common service for every driving school. If you are a beginner to driving, driving schools can help you learn how to drive and prepare you for the driving test. You can book your first lesson online.

Is there any driving lessons for students?

If you are a student, you can take driving lessons with us. We have a special initial 2 hour driving lesson, where you get a very good discount. Book your first driving lesson today and take advantage of our introductory offer.


Is there any driving lessons to improve confidence?

If you are in need of some driving lessons to improve your confidence, get in touch with us. In fact one large group of our clients are adults who already know how to drive. The thing is they haven't driven for a while and their driving skills are a bit rusty. Book your first lesson today and enjoy getting back on the road again.

Are there any driving lessons to prepare for test?

Every driving school offers driving lessons to prepare you for the test. Driving schools know the test requirements and make sure to cover all those in your lessons. They will let you know as soon as you are ready for the test. Book your first driving lesson today so you go for your test fully prepared.

 Can I give driving lessons to my wife?

As long as both of you and your wife have valid driver licences yes. If both of you have international driver licences, you can give lessons to her. If she has an Australian driver licence, you can teach her if:
a) You have a full Australian driver licence and,
b) You have had your licence for at least a year

Can I bring a family member or friend to my driving lesson?

Yes you can. If you are more comfortable with a family member or a friend sitting with you in the car for your driving lesson, feel free to do so.


How do I book a driving lesson with you?

In order to book a driving lesson with us, you need to create an account first. If you click on 'Login' at the top of the page, you will be taken to a login page. Click on 'First time here? Sign up' and follow the instructions. Once you sign up, you can choose your suburb, instructor, type of lesson, preferred time and day of your lesson and pay for it online and voila. Your lesson is booked.

How do I pay for my driving lessons?

We accept online payments via credit or debit card or bank transfer. That makes everything easier for both of us and we can get the payment out of the way and focus on our lesson.

Can I reschedule my driving lesson?

Yes you can reschedule your driving lesson as long as it is more than 24 hours left to the time of your lesson. You cannot reschedule your driving lesson when your driving lesson is within 24 hours, and if you cannot attend your driving lesson, your booking fee won't be refundable.

Can I cancel my driving lesson?

Yes, you can cancel your driving lessons as long as it is more than 24 hours left to your driving lesson time. If you cancel your driving lesson with less than 24 hours notice, your booking fee won't be refundable.

Driving Tests

How do I prepare for driving test in Australia?

Every driving school offers driving lessons to prepare you for the test. Driving schools know the test requirements and make sure to cover all those in your lessons. When you are ready for the test, they let you know. Book your first driving lesson today so you go for your test fully prepared.

Do you have a driving lesson before your test?

Yes, you will have one hour driving lesson before your test. During that lesson your instructor reminds you of all your possible weak points. He will also stress on the things you need to watch for. You will perform all the manoeuvres in that lesson and head to the test centre for your test.

Can you just walk in and take your driving test?

No, you need to book your driving test in advance. You can book your test online on TMR website, by phone (13 23 80), or through us by filling our test booking form.

Is there any driving tests on Saturdays?

Yes, you can book a Saturday practical driving test online on QLD transport website, or by calling 13 23 80 or simply by filling our test booking form.


What’s the difference between a weekday and a Saturday test booking?

After passing the weekday test, you get your licence straight away. When you pass your Saturday test, you need to wait until the following Monday to get your licence

Can I book 2 driving tests?

No, you can only have one test booking at a time.

How long do you have to wait to take your driver’s test?

If you have an Australian learner driver licence you need to wait for a year to be able to go for your test. If you have an international driver licence, there is no waiting period before you go for your test.

What do I bring to the road test?

You need to bring the followings to the driving test:
a) Your driver licence
b) A photo ID (In some cases more documents for identification) 
c) A suitable car for the test (If you book through us, you don't need to worry about this)


What happens if my car is not in a good condition?

The examiners check your car before the test to make sure it's safe to drive and it functions properly. If there is any faults with your car, they don't take you for the test and you will lose your booking fee.

What happens in the driving test?

Driving examiner asks you if you have read the message from your driving examiner. Then, they will check your car to see if it passes the safety check. After that they will ask you two questions about car controls. Then they will ask you to drive in different traffic situations for half an hour. When you come back to the test centre, they brief you on how you went in your test. They then tell you if you passed or failed the test.

Can you pass a driving test without lessons?

Yes, it is likely that you pass your driving test without taking any driving lessons. But when you take driving lessons, you are more confident in your test as you know that a professional driving instructor has trained you. It’s not just about operating a car. There are a lot of factors involved when it comes to driving.

How do I make sure I pass my driving test?

There are a lot of factors to bear in mind when you go for your driving test. When you take driving lessons with a professional instructor, they make sure to cover all those. 


How do I pass my driving test first try?

If you want to pass your driving test first time, just go for the test prepared. The best tip to have in mind is to make the examiner feel safe.  If you know all the test requirements and follow them, you will be fine.

What are the chances of passing your driving test first time?

In fact a lot of people pass their driving tests for the first time. It’s not hard to do that if you go for your test when you are fully prepared.

What time is the best for driving test?

Anytime outside of the traffic peak hours is a good time for a driving test, if you tend to get nervous around so many cars. And if you are worried about controlling your speed in school zones, try to book your test outside of school hours.

What is the best day to take a driving test?

The best day to take a driving test is usually any day from Monday to and including Thursday, and Saturday where the roads are not busy. However, the day does not matter if you are confident about your driving.


What do you wear for driving test?

Wear something smart casual. Something that doesn't restrict your movements when you want to do shoulder checks or move your head around to scan roads. Definitely wear toe closed shoes.

Can my driving instructor sit it with me?

No, in Queensland the driving instructors are not allowed to sit in with you in your test. Only you and the driving examiners can be in the car in your test. If you need an interpreter for your driving test, they can sit in the back seat during the test. Interpreting services are free. You can ask for an interpreter when you book your driving test. Make sure you do it right when you book your test. Interpreters need to be booked in advance. 

What should I do the day before my driving test?

The day before your driving test, you need to relax and not panic. Everyone gets nervous for their test and it's normal. Nervousness, to some extent, helps us stay focused. Think about the points your driving instructor mentioned to you and try to remember them.

Is it easy to pass your driving test?

Yes it is easy to pass your driving test if you know how to control the car, know about traffic rules, obey all traffic signs, observe and scan the road properly.


How do I relax before my driving test?

Try not to think of it as a test. Relax and think of the test as a drive with someone like another driving instructor. You have tried hard and you've learned some skills. Now it's the time to show off your skills and prove that you are worthy of getting the licence. Smile and it changes your physiology. Think positive. Nerves usually go away when we smile. Also read this extensive post on 29 ways to calm your nerves before a driving test.

Can I refuse a driving examiner?

You cannot refuse your driving examiner. QLD transport allocates examiners to applicants on a random basis. If you refuse to take the test because of your examiner, you will lose your test fee. They do not allocate another examiner to you on that day and you need to book your test again.

Can you choose your driving examiner?

No you cannot choose your driving examiner. The driving examiners are allocated to driving tests applicants on a random basis by QLD Transport.

Can you talk during a driving test?

Yes you can. But you take the responsibility of any distractions that might come with talking.


Do driving examiners fail you on purpose?

Driving examiners never fail you on purpose. They are not there to pick on you for no reason. They are there to help you get your licence. As long as you follow the rules, operate a car safely, know how to do the manoeuvres and nicely observe and scan the road, you will be fine.

 Will my driving examiner talk to me?

The driving examiners might have a chit chat with you. It all depends on different individuals. If you show a sign of interest in chatting, they might keep chatting with you. But if you show any sign of seriousness or nervousness, they might keep it quiet. Before the start of the test, some of the examiners tell you that they don't chat but if you like, you can chat with them. But remember the responsibility of distraction by chatting is on you if you start it.

What questions do driving examiners ask?

Driving examiners only ask you about the car controls. During the test, they usually don't ask you any questions unless you are creating a roadblock or a dangerous situation to other road users. For example if you hold up the traffic behind you by driving too slow, they might ask if you know what the speed limit of the area is to remind you to go a little faster.

Can you repeat driving examiners instructions?

Yes absolutely. If repeating the driving examiners instructions helps you to stay focused and not forget the instructions, just go for it. Repeat the instructions as soon as you hear them.


Can you talk to yourself during the driving test?

Yes, and that’s fine with the examiners. By all means do that if it helps you to stay focused. Just make sure you let the examiners give you instruction!

Can you fail your driving test for driving too slow?

Yes, if on three occasions you drive too slow, or if by driving too slow you create a dangerous traffic hazard, you will fail the test.

Can you use reverse camera in your driving test?

Yes, you are allowed to use your reverse camera in a driving test. Using technology in driving test is allowed. But you need to predominantly look back when you reverse a car, and not stare at the reversing camera. Having a glance every now and then at the reverse camera is OK. But looking just at the reverse camera while reversing is an instant fail.

How many errors can you make on a driving test?

You are allowed to have ONLY up to 8 minor driving errors on a driving test in QLD. But ONE major error results in failure in the test.


Can you fail on a manoeuvre?

Yes, depending on the manoeuvres, you can fail if you make a mistake while doing a manoeuvre.  For example if you don’t look back while you reverse or if you mount the curb while reverse parallel parking, you will fail the test.

How many attempts do you get to do a parallel park?

You can only get one attempt to do parallel parking. You are allowed to have one forward movement for any adjustments to complete the manoeuvre.

What happens if you fail your driving test 3 times?

If you fail the driving test for the 3rd time, you need to wait for 28 days to book another test.

Can driving examiners change their mind?

No, the driving examiners won’t change their mind about your test results. Having said that if you are not happy with your test result, you can appeal your test results.


How long are driving tests?

In QLD, driving tests are 30 minutes long. In rare cases they might go a little over due to traffic congestion or road works.

How do I pass my P plate test in QLD?

In order to pass your P plate test, take a few driving lessons by a qualified driving instructor to make sure you follow all QLD transport driving test requirements.

How many questions do you get asked on driving test?

Only two questions. The questions are related to two car controls. There are 9 car controls you need to know about your driving test.

What percentage of drivers pass first?

The percentage of drivers who pass their driving tests varies from centre to centre. On average 57% of drivers pass their test in Brisbane.


How much is a driving test in QLD?

In QLD, a driving test costs $61.25 (as of March 2022). Add the below surcharges to the stated price. 0.52% for Mastercard, 0.52% for Visa card and 1.4% for American Express.

How many times can you fail your driving test in Australia?

There are no limits as to how many times you can fail your driving test in Australia. You can try the test as many times as you like until you pass your test.

How many critical driving errors are you allowed in a driving test in Australia?

None. Only one critical driving error makes you fail the driving test in Australia. 

Can I book my driving test straight away after failing?

If you fail your driving test first time, you can technically go for the test the next day, but in reality it doesn't happen as you usually cannot get an appointment for the next day. If you fail the second time, you need to wait for 7 days. If you fail the test for the third time, you need to wait for 28 days before you book another test.


Can you wear sunnies in a driving test?

Yes absolutely. In fact the driving examiner sitting next to you might wear a pair of sunglasses. So if the sun is strong and hurts your eyes and you prefer to wear sunnies, just go for it.

Can you scratch your nose during a driving test?

Yes absolutely. Driving with an itchy nose is no fun for no one. So if your nose gets itchy during a driving test, scratch it away. Just make sure you have your hand back on the wheel after scratching.

Can you chew gum during a driving test?

Yes absolutely. If chewing gum helps you relax during a driving test, so just go for it. Hopefully the examiner will also like the flavour of your chewing gum!

Can you have the radio on during the driving test?

Yes absolutely. If that's your jam, go for it. Just make sure you don't put the volume too high as you need to hear the examiners instructions. 


Can you drive barefoot in your driving test?

Yes absolutely. If you are more comfortable driving barefoot, just go for it. Just make sure your feet don't stink!

Can you ask the examiner to repeat the instructions?

Yes absolutely. If you don't quite understand the examiners instructions, you can ask them to repeat the instructions. And they are totally okay with that. In fact, it's better to ask for repetition rather than assuming something.

Can you ask driving examiner the speed limit?

No you can't. You should check the traffic signs and know what the speed limit of any road is. 

Does QLD transport provide a car for driving test?

No they don't. QLD transport doesn't provide a car for driving tests. It's your responsibility to provide the car. You can either take your friends car for the test or hire a driving school's car.

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