Mock Test

If you think you are ready to go for the driving test and just want to check to see if there are things you need to improve on or be careful of when doing your driving test, your best option would be to book a mock test. To conduct a mock test, please note a few a things:

  • It goes for one hour
  • We can meet at either:
  • First half an hour is a mock driving test. The second half an hour is feedback and if time permits, correcting any occurred errors
  • We act as a driving examiner. So we see how you drive and score a 'Test Report Sheet', where we mark any driving errors that happen.
  • During the first half an hour, if any critical driving errors happen, we advise you of that straight away and go on with the rest of the time as a driving lesson.
  • If no critical driving errors happen during the first half an hour, we will continue the mock test and advise you of the outcome after the test.
  • At the end of the hour, you will be given feedback on your driving and the areas you need to work on more.
1 Hour Mock Test

30mins mock driving test

30mins feedback session 

Scored test report sheet (like in the real test!)

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