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What is a Mock Driving Test?

A mock driving test is a simulated practice test designed to mirror the actual QLD driving test. It helps learners gain valuable experience and confidence before taking the real test. 
During a mock driving test, our lead instructor, Omid, takes on the role of a driving examiner to provide you with a realistic experience similar to the official QLD transport driving test. Omid carefully observes your driving performance, evaluating it based on the strict QLD driving test requirements. Just like in the actual test, he assesses your driving skills, manoeuvres, and overall road safety awareness.

After the mock driving test, Omid will give you detailed feedback on your performance, pointing out areas of improvement and providing valuable tips to enhance your driving abilities. Whether you pass or fail the mock test, our aim is to help you build confidence and readiness for the real driving test.

To get a better understanding of what to expect during the driving test and how Omid marks your driving performance, we've created an informative video guide. Check out our YouTube video, where we explain the Queensland driving test process and Omid's evaluation approach.

At Emu Driving School, we believe that practicing with a mock driving test is an essential step toward your success in passing the QLD driving test on your first attempt. By simulating the actual test conditions and receiving personalized feedback, you can feel more confident and prepared on the day of your official driving examination.
Join us for a mock driving test experience at Emu Driving School and let our expert team help you become a safe and skilled driver!

Why Take a Mock Driving Test?

Taking a mock driving test can significantly increase your chances of passing the QLD driving test on your first attempt. It allows you to identify and work on areas that need improvement, boosting your driving skills and readiness for the actual exam.

What Happens During a Mock Driving Test?

During the mock driving test, our experienced instructors assess your driving abilities and provide constructive feedback. The test covers all major topics included in the official QLD driving test, ensuring comprehensive preparation.

How Long Does a Mock Driving Test Go For?

Just like the real test, our mock driving test spans a duration of half an hour. This time frame allows you to familiarize yourself with the experience and conditions you will encounter during the actual examination.

Paid Mock Driving Test

Our paid mock driving test offers personalized assessment and detailed feedback from our expert instructors. For our paid mock tests, you have the option to bring your own car or to use our car. Book now and get ready to ace your QLD driving test. Book a Paid Mock Driving Test NOW.

Free Mock Driving Test

Our free mock driving test (automatic cars only) is a unique opportunity to receive professional assessment without any cost. Participants willing to be filmed for our educational YouTube channel, can book this test. For our FREE mock tests, we can only use our own car and not yours.
Gain confidence and improve your driving skills while contributing to road safety education. Book your free mock test now and become a part of our driving community! Book a FREE Mock Driving Test NOW.

Note: Please be aware that our FREE mock driving tests are conducted exclusively at the Greenslopes test centre and only available on Friday mornings.

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