Greenslopes Driving Test Route (Driving Test Tips)

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Greenslopes Driving Test Route

This is a footage of a real driving test at Greenslopes driving test centre (Greenslopes CSC) with narration from a professional driving instructor. This is not the only driving test route in Greenslopes. This footage gives you an idea of how a driving test at Greenslopes driving test centre is.

The video is packed with tips for driving test at Greenslopes driving test centre.

Step by step breakdown of this test route:

  1. Exit Greenslopes test centre carpark from Plimsol Street

  2. Turn right at Plimsol Street

  3. Turn left to Logan Road

  4. At the first traffic lights, turn right to Birdwood Road

  5. Follow the road for about 630m and turn right to Esher Street (3rd street on the right)

  6. Follow the road for 295m, then turn left to Vista Avenue (Second street on the left). That’s where the reversing exercise is happening.

  7. Drive 150m to this road and do a U-turn at the intersection of Vista Avenue and Cracknel Road

  8. Drive 200m down Vista Avenue road and at the intersection at the end of the road, turn left to Esher Street again

  9. Drive for 350m and at the end of the road, turn left to Toohey Road

  10. Drive for 1.5km and turn left to Marshal Road (3rd traffic light)

  11. Drive for 2.2km and keep going straight to Holland Road

  12. Drive for 1.1km and at the second traffic lights turn left to Cavendish Road

  13. Follow the road for 1.8km and at the third traffic light turn left to Chatsworth Road

  14. Follow the road for 1.1km and at the second traffic light turn left to Logan road

  15. Follow the road for 580m and at the 4th traffic lights turn left to Plimsol Street

  16. Turn left to Greeslopes mall carpark

The driving test tips included in the video (Greenslopes CSC):

  • There are 9 car controls you need to know about for your driving test. Make sure you know about those.

  • Give way at the carpark. All the road rules still apply at carparks. Read our blog post on 13 driving test tips you must know about Greenslopes test centre (carpark)

  • Don’t ask the examiner where do you want me to go when there is only one option (For example Only left or One Way sign or only left arrows on the road).

  • Always change lane to right safely and at the right time by first checking your rear view mirror, then side mirror, then put your right indicator on and smoothly change lane.

  • Always get into another lane from the broken line and not the solid line. You don't want to change lanes like the driver in this video:

  • As soon as you turn to a new road at any traffic lights or intersections, check the signs. There are usually speed limit signs at the beginning of every road.

  • Advisory signs (The yellow signs) give us a warning about a specific situation on the road. Advisory speed limit signs are not mandatory to follow but we DEFINITELY take them into account and we slow down anywhere we see them.

  • When turning right, always look ahead and give way to the cars going straight from the road ahead of you.

  • Anytime the direction of your car changes, check your mirrors, put the indicator on and do a shoulder check to the side you are changing the direction to.

  • When doing a U-turn at the intersections at residential areas, you need to get close to two corners of the intersection on the right hand side, check the road and then finish the U-turn.

  • At ‘give way’ signs, slow down, check the road and if the road is clear get to the road. If the road is not clear, STOP and give way to the cars on the main road, then keep moving.

  • School times in a lot of locations(Not everywhere) in Queensland are 7 to 9am and 2 to 4pm Monday to Friday. If you drive between these times, slow down to a little under 40km per hour. If you drive outside of these hours, you don’t have to drop your speed to 40 and you can follow the usual speed limit of that road.

  • When turning left at any traffic lights, if there is a slip lane, always go through the slip lane. Always slow down at slip lane, check the road on the right hand side and if clear, keep going. If not clear, stop and give way to the cars on the right hand side.

  • In a 60 zone on the main road, don’t drive 60 as you might go 61 downhill and that’s enough to fail the test. Speeding is one of the common reasons people fail their tests for. Keep your speed between 55 to 59. In some occasions you need to slow down:

    a) Around sharp bends
    b) Narrow roads
    c) When there are a lot of cars parked beside the road
    d) When it’s rainy
    e) When the traffic is moving slowly

    Make sure you are not overcautious and you don't drive too slow either. 

  • When two lanes merge into one lane (For example at Form 1 Lane sign situation), always check the lane next to you. If you are on the right hand side lane, check your left mirror and do a shoulder check to your left when lanes merge.

  • Slow down on crests.

  • If the examiners don’t give you any instructions at the traffic lights, just keep going straight. Not every straight road is literally straight.

  • The examiners will debrief you about your test after your test, when you are back at the test centre.

If you are in need of fine-tuning your driving skills before attempting the test, get in touch with us or just book a mock test today. In case you get nervous for any reason for your driving test, read our full guide on how to control your nerves before a driving test.

Also feel free to join our private Facebook group, where you are surrounded by a supportive community of learners and graduates from all over Australia to help you with your driving journey.

Driving in Australia is easy if you know the rules!

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