Saturday Driving Test Brisbane (Full Guide-2023)

If you are looking to book a driving test in QLD for a Saturday, read these information carefully. We can help with Saturday driving test in Brisbane. 

If you haven't booked your driving test yet and you would like us to book your test for you, simply fill our test booking form and we will make the booking. We also can help you with preparation for your test and offer a car hire and one hour lesson before your test. This option is called test package on our website.

If you are a full time professional or worker and are unable to do your practical driving test during the weekday, you have the option of booking your driving test in QLD for a Saturday.  

We work closely with Greenslopes driving test centre. So at this stage, this is the only test centre that we can offer our driving test package for.

Some people have asked if the Saturday test is better or easier than the weekday test?

Well, the answer is yes and no. 

The streets on Saturdays are usually quieter (if there is no major events around Greenslopes or the neighbouring suburbs!). So if you get nervous when the streets are busy and many cars are around, Saturday test is a better option for you.

Another bonus for a Saturday test is the non-existence of school hours. Schools are shut on Saturdays and it means you don't have to worry about school zones. And there are many schools around Greenslopes test centre. 

So if you tend to get nervous in a test atmosphere and you might miss the school zone signs, Saturday test is the way to go.

Please note that we do not book driving tests. We can only help you with your preparation for the test through some driving lessons.

Am I eligible to go for a practical driving test?

a) I am an Australian Learners Licence Holder,

If you:

  • Have passed your written test and,
  • Have held your Learner licence for at least one year and
  • Have completed your logbook, submitted it and received approval from QLD transport,

Then you are eligible to go for the practical test. Also if you have applied for a ‘logbook’ or ‘one year waiting period on a Learner licence’ exemption and TMR has already approved it, then you are eligible for the test. If your approval is still pending, you cannot book a test.

b) I am an Overseas Licence Holder,

If you:

  • Have passed your written test and,
  • Have a valid overseas driver licence and,
  • Have not failed the practical test more than once in the last 8 days,

    Then you are eligible to book a practical driving test.

How do I book a Saturday practical driving test in Brisbane?

There are three ways for booking a Saturday practical driving test:

a) By calling 13 23 80

b) Via QLD transport website 

c) Though us by filling our test booking form

To see exactly how you can book your driving test in QLD through any of these options, you can watch this video.

What documents do I need to book a test?

In order to book your Saturday driving test, you need to have the following information:      

  • Your Full Name (As it appears on your driver licence);
  • Your Driver Licence Number (If you have an international driver licence, they still need your CRN). CRN is the Customer Reference Number or driver licence number which is at the top of the receipt you were given to, when you passed your written test;  
  • Your Contact Number.

How much does a Saturday test cost?

There is no difference in the cost of a weekday practical driving test or a Saturday driving test. Saturday practical driving test costs $60.25 in Brisbane. That is the booking fee that goes to the Department of Transport and Main Roads (Queensland).  

How do I pay for the Saturday test?

Online or over the phone via credit card.

Can I use my own car for the test?

Yes absolutely. You can use your own car for a practical driving test in Brisbane.

Will I get my licence on the same day when I pass my test?

Since it’s a Saturday, the QLD transport office is closed. So, they cannot issue your driver licence on the same day. You will be given your driving test report with comments and the lovely word of ‘SUCCESSFUL’ on it from your driving examiner.  

You, then, need to wait until Monday to go to a QLD transport office and show them the paper (The list of the available offices you can go to will be given to you on the day). They will then issue you with your driver licence.


Can I reschedule or cancel my test?

Yes. You can reschedule a driving test in Brisbane either online or by calling 13 23 80. However, you cannot reschedule your test if your test is today or the next working day. 

Can I have two practical test bookings at the same time?

No, you cannot. You can only have one practical driving test booking at a time.

What happens if I fail the test?

Well, we never want to even think about failing the test. But in case it happens, we can book your test again for another day.

There is a cooling off period that you need to consider before booking another test:

  • If you fail for the first time: You can book your test for the next day, legally. But in reality it is not possible.
  • If you fail for the second time: You need to wait for 7 days to be able to book another test.
  • If you fail for the third time and more: You can’t book another test for the next 28 days

Pro Tip: You don't have to fail if you are fully prepared. Here it is the most comprehensive Guide EVER on driving test tips for Greenslopes test centre.

What happens if I have an international driver licence and I fail the test?

You really don’t want that to happen to you as it makes things a little complicated. If you have an overseas driving licence and it’s your only driving licence you are using to drive in Australia, by failing the Australian Practical Driving Test, your overseas licence will become instantly invalid.

That means, you cannot drive in Australia using your overseas driver licence anymore.

Is there any way to drive again until the next test?

Yes, fortunately there is. You can still drive if you:

  • Buy the actual Australian Learners Driver Licence and,
  • Display L plates on your car and,
  • Have someone with a full Australian Driver Licence sitting next to you

Pro Tip: Take a few driving lessons and pass your driving test on the first try so you don’t go through all these hassles. Especially if you need to drive for work or any other purposes.

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