How To Book A Driving Test at Greenslopes CSC

By Omid
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There are three ways to book a driving test at Greenslopes CSC:

A. Booking the driving test online through QLD transport website. 

B. Booking the test by calling 13 23 80 

C. Booking through a driving school

D. Booking through QLD transport live chat

We will break down the three ways through which you can book your driving test below:

A. Booking the driving test online through QLD transport website

Here's a step-by-step process on how you can book your driving test online at Greenslopes.

1. Go to the Department of Transport and Main Roads QLD (TMR) website.

You can click on this link to go to TMR driving test booking page

Once you’re on the web page, you will be directed to the first step of booking a test. There is an important message in regards to the ‘Hazard Perception Test’. 

“Make sure if you have a QLD learners licence, you do the hazard perception test before you go for your practical test.” 

Then read the additional information on that page and scroll to the bottom and click ‘Continue’ to proceed to the next step.

2. Prepare your driver licence information.

Have your driver licence ready for this step. You will need to input your Queensland learners permit or driver licence number, name, mobile number, and the test type. After you enter and check these details, just click ‘Continue’ to proceed to the next step.

If you are going for a car driving licence, whether automatic or manual, choose ‘Class C/CA- Car (manual/automatic)’ for Test Type.

3. Check your information.

Double-check to see that all the information you provided is correct. Then proceed by clicking ‘Continue’.

4. Choose your location for the driving test.

On this page, you will have to choose the location for your driving test. Click on the drop-down menu to search for the location. For region, select 'SEQ Brisbane Southside' and for centre, choose 'Greenslopes CSC'. 

Only a few driving test centres offer Saturday driving tests. These centres are Greenslopes, Logan, Maroochydore, Southport, and Zillmere. 

After choosing the location for your test, you will then proceed to choose the time of your driving test. We have two options: 'Next available booking' or 'Next booking on or after a specific date and time'.  

Most people choose 'Next available booking', as the earliest available time for booking a test is usually one month away. So select that and press 'Continue'. 

5. Choose your time.

On this page, you can choose your preferred day and time of your test. And then click on the ‘Continue’ button.

6. Confirm your booking.

There are some important information on this page. Make sure you read them and understand them.

Here is the summary of these information:

  1. If you are under 25 years of age and you have a logbook, make sure your logbook is completed, submitted and authorised by QLD transport before you go for your practical test.
  2. Your booking is not confirmed unless you receive the confirmation of your transaction via email.
  3. If you want to reschedule your booking, make sure you do it at least two working days before your booking date. If you fail to provide enough notice for changing or cancelling your test, you will lose your money. Also, not showing up for your test, results in you losing your money.

If everything looks good, press ‘Continue’.

On the next page, which looks like the page below, you see the amount that you need to pay for your booking. If you like to receive the receipt of your transaction, enter your email address on this page and press ‘Continue’.

7. Make the payment.

And the final step is to make the payment and secure your booking. You need a credit card to make a payment online. The accepted credit cards are Mastercards, Visa and American Express. 

Simply enter your credit card details and press ‘NEXT’. Make sure you don’t close your browser until you receive a message that your payment has been successful. Note that there is a surcharge for the booking as well, which is just a few cents. 

Your booking is not confirmed unless you receive the confirmation of your transaction via email. Remember that if you haven’t made the payment within 30 minutes, your booking will be forfeited. If you’re not certain that your transaction was completed, you can choose to contact DTMR to confirm. 

B. Booking the driving test by calling 13 23 80

You can either call this number:

  • From your phone:
And just ask to book a driving test and follow the steps. Or
  • Go to any QLD transport office and use their phone for FREE to book your driving test.
The QLD transport staff don’t directly book a driving test. Test bookings in QLD are all handled over the phone or online.

When you call the above-mentioned number, you will hear some questions by the automated answering machine which goes as follows:

Answering Machine: Welcome to the Department of Transport and Main Roads, so I can get you to the right place, tell me in just a few words, what’s the reason for your call?

You can respond: Book a driving test 

Answering Machine: That’s about booking a driving test, is that right? 

You can respond: Yes 

Answering Machine: Okay. Are you calling on behalf of a registered driving school? 

You can respond: No 

Answering Machine: Just a moment while I transfer you to a team member for assistance.

At this point, a music is going to be played along with some valuable information about driving in Australia. Enjoy the music and be patient! 

You might be waiting on the line for sometimes up to 45 minutes to speak to an operator. So maybe leave your phone on speaker and go on with what you were doing. Just make sure you are aware of your phone.

Once you speak to the operator, you can tell them what date and time you'd like to book for your test. If those aren't available, they'll offer you some available times and you can choose the time and date that suits you. However, if the available times they offer doesn't suit you, you can ask for other available time until you find one that works for you.

C. Booking through a driving school (We temporarily DO NOT offer this service. Please skip to the next option)

Many driving schools in Brisbane offer this service. We do offer that as well. 

If your test is at Greenslopes test centre and you would like to book your test through us, you can simply fill out our test booking form. 

First, make sure you agree with our terms and conditions. Then leave your details there, choose your preferred days and times for the test and click on ‘Book Now’ to submit the form. 

We will get back to you for the next steps and confirming the booking for you.

D. Booking through QLD transport live chat

Going through the QLD transport live chat is pretty simple as well. All you need to do is visit QLD transport website and search "live chat" and then click on the first link that is provided.

You will then see a pop-up message on the lower-right part of your screen. Click on the "Message us" button.

Click "tap to start" and click on the corresponding options in the chat. You will then be transfered to a consultant who can process your booking for you. 

Once you are in contact with a consultant, all you need to do is provide your licence number, contact name, mobile number, and email. See the sample below:

Hi there. I'd like to book the earliest date available for an automatic driving test at Greenslopes, please. Here are the details:

Licence No.: 123456789
Contact Name: John Smith
Mobile No.: 1234567890

You will receive the booking order via email and the last thing you need to do is make your payment and you're done. You will then receive your payment transaction as well as the booking confirmation with all the details. Read the email carefully for instructions and requirements for the test.

If your test is at Greenslopes, we highly recommend you to read our blog post ‘ultimate guide for passing driving test at Greenslopes first try’. 

Some important things to know regarding your driving test booking

1) You need to book your driving test in advance. 

Usually, the earliest available appointment that you can take for a test is at least one month away. And there is no walk-in appointment for a driving test. 

If you can’t wait for too long (for various reasons), to do your test, you better call QLD transport every day and ask if there are any early appointments available. As applicants cancel their appointment a couple of days before their schedule. So you can check with QLD transport from time to time to see if there is any cancellations that you can take.

2) You can only book your driving test online if you have a QLD learner's licence. 

If you don’t have a QLD learner’s licence, you cannot make the booking online. You need to call QLD transport and make the booking over the phone (13 23 80).

3) QLD transport doesn’t provide a car for driving tests. 

 You, yourself, need to organize a car for the test. It can be either your car, your friend’s, or a family member’s car. Some driving schools offer a driving test package where you can have a 1-hour lesson and car hire for your driving test. 

 If you take your car for the test, you need to make sure the car is in good working condition. If your car breaks down in the middle of the test, your driving instructor will immediately stop the test and that will be an automatic fail. 

That’s how easy it is to book your driving test at Greenslopes and any other test centres in Queensland. Now, go ahead and book your test. Best of luck!

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