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Solid packages of driving lessons and a reputable driving school Annerley is looking for would be all summarized in Emu Driving School. Since our establishment back in 2016, we have always strived to deliver a high quality service when it comes to Annerley driving lessons. 

Our highly qualified driving instructors in Annerley are ready to take your driving to the next level, whether you want to learn how to drive with no driving experience whatsoever or you want to convert your overseas driver licence to Queensland driver licence

Some of our features:

  • Coming from a teaching background:
    It helps us to bring years of teaching experience and teaching styles to our driving lessons.

  • Having experienced driving in two countries with two totally different driving styles (Driving on right side vs driving on left side):
    That has helped us to:

    a) Develop an eye for details in driving (road rules, signs, road position, old bad driving habits, etc.)

    b) Pinpointing the common mistakes and confusions right-hand traffic drivers face and developing efficient ways to fix those mistakes.

  • Using latest technology for teaching our students:
    We use the state of art technology with many visual aids (photos & videos) to help our students understand exactly how to deal with different traffic situations.

  • Having trained by QLD transport ex examiner:
    That has helped us to know exactly what the requirements for practical driving tests are

Book a driving lesson in Annerley

We have an easy 24/7 online booking system which allows you to book your Annerley driving lessons for whenever you like. The best approach to go about this is to book an initial driving lesson, during which your driving will be assessed and you will be advised of how many more lessons you would possibly need to be able to meet the requirements for passing your practical driving test.

Book a driving test in Annerley

There are three ways to book a driving test in Annerley:

1) Online via QLD transport website
2) By calling 13 23 80

If you need help booking your driving test, you can watch this video which shows you EXACTLY how you can book your driving test through any of these options.

Have you already booked your driving test and just need to hire our car for your test? You can buy our test day package. This package includes one hour lesson before your test and car hire for your test with a FREE pick up and drop off service. Before buying this package, contact us so we make sure we can serve you on the day.

We specifically specialize in Greenslopes driving test centre. So if you have booked your test at Greenslopes, get in touch with us.

Get in touch with us

For any questions about our driving lessons or driving tests, refer to our FAQ page where you might find the answers. Alternatively you can either email us or call us on 1300 800 368 and we are happy to help.

Reviews 5 Star Rating


Omid was patient and highly focused on what I needed to work on. I highly recommend him.


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