turn right

Turning right 

When we turn right at an intersection, we need to do a few things (that is if we turn right from main road to side road; if you haven’t been taught about main and side road, don’t worry! You will learn about this in the next sessions):  

1. Getting slightly closer to the centre line 

2. Moving to the front of the opposite street 

3. Positioning the car before the centre line of the road on your right hand side 

At  this position, we need to start turning the steering wheel and go to the left side of the road on our right hand side.

Common mistakes when turning right 



 A. Getting way too close to the centre line

 B. Moving right to the middle of the road

 C. Or going to the opposite side of the road

 D. Another common mistake is this. 

One of the basic ‘give way’ rules is this: ‘Anytime you turn right, you need to look ahead and if you see any cars coming straight, you need to give way to them and then turn’.

 Sometimes some people roll and roll and roll to give way to the straight travelling car and so they pass the centre line of the road on the right hand side. 

This makes the right turn very hard and awkward.

So if you are in a situation like this, simply stop the car:

‘In front of the opposite street, before the centre line of the other road’

And after giving way to the straight car, finish your turn.

What if there are cars behind us? Don’t we block them by stopping in the middle of the road?

No. The reason we get slightly closer to the centre line is to leave some room on our left, so the cars can go to our left and pass us.

They can do that if there is enough room for them. If there is not enough room, they will stop behind us and wait for us to finish our turn, then they will go.

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