stop sign

Stop sign rule 

The rule for dealing with the stop sign is as follows: 

Every stop sign is followed by a solid line (continuous line). When you come across the stop sign, you need to stop completely within a meter from the stop line, before moving to the desired direction.

Within one meter means anywhere within a meter from the line we stop, is good.

So this is okay.

This is okay.

And this is okay too.

But best is to stop as close as we can to the stop line. Why? Because we can see the road better and know when is the right time for us to move.

Common mistakes with stop sign 

Some of the common mistakes people make with the stop sign, are as follows: 

A. Stopping too far from the line


B. Stopping on the line


C. Crossing the line


D. Another very common mistake people make at stop signs, is not stopping at all! And that usually happens when the road is clear and there are no cars on the road. So the people just slow down and roll. Rolling at a stop sign is failing in the test.


So in order not to make any mistakes at the stop sign and make sure that we have really stopped, we can stop completely first, then count from 1 to 3. (1, 2, 3). This way we make sure that we have really stopped and haven’t just slowed down!

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