steering wheel

Steering wheel maloperations

Steering Wheel Maloperations Avoid the followings as they are considered ‘steering wheel operation errors’:

1. Do not put your hands inside the steering wheel

2.  Do not turn the steering wheel with the palm of your hands (palming)

3.  Do not take both hands on one side of the steering wheel.

4. Do not cross your arms

5. Do not hold the steering wheel from the bottom

6. Avoid sudden moves of the steering wheel

Instead move the steering smoothly if you ever need to

Proper techniques for operating steering wheel

A. Push & Pull Technique

     Imagine the steering wheel is a clock. Place your hands on 10 and 2 positions. If you want to turn the steering wheel to the left, push the S/W to the left with your right hand and at the same time slide your left hand to the top, till your hands meet each other at the top. 

Then, pull the S/W down to the 10 position with the left hand and at the same time, slide your right hand to the 2 position. Repeat the same process if you need to turn the wheel more. 

For the right turn, use the exact same technique but starting from the opposite hand. In this demonstration, only the left turn is shown.


B. Hand over hand

    In this technique, both hands keep their position at the same spot of 10 and 2 and turn the wheel, but as soon as the left hand or the right hand is about to go down to the bottom of the S/W, you need to lift it and place it over the other hand.

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