residential areas road positioning

No lines on the road

When you drive in residential areas, where there are no lines in the middle of the road, drive on the LEFT side of the road. 


Passing parked cars

And if there is a car on the left side of the road, gradually and smoothly move to the middle, stay away from that car and gradually and smoothly adjust your position and head back to the left side of the road again.

The distance between your car and the parked car should be at least 1.25m. Why? That’s the average length of a door of a car. In case you drive next to that car and the driver of that car opens the door and jumps in the middle of the road, so  you don’t hit them and you can safely pass them.



If you come across a situation, where two cars are parked on either side of the road, and you get there and another driver gets there at the exact time, and there is only room for one car to pass, who should go first?  

 There are no specific rules as to who should go first in this scenario. It’s a matter of courtesy here. Any driver who is a nicer person, slows down or stops and lets the other go first, then they will go. We can be the nice person in this kind of situation! We can slow down or even stop if we need, let the other car go and then we have the whole road to ourselves. Very easy fix!

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