What you need to know about red painted areas on some Australian roads?

By Omid
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The red painted areas across some roads in Australia are a type of pavement marking. They are used to:

1) Guide traffic
2) Give advance warning
3) Apply a road rule

These areas are not to be confused with pedestrian crossings.

The reasons they are painted red are because red is the colour that:

1) triggers alertness
2) captures attention
3) is the most visible colour after yellow

Anytime you come across these areas, you need to be alerted, you need to know something is going on, something is changing and look for the signs to find out what those changes are.

Some of the signs that you might see at these red painted areas are including:

  • Local Traffic Only
  • 40 km/h Speed Limit
  • 50 km/h Speed limit
  • Shared Zone (with Pedestrians)
  • School Zone
  • Speed Bumps (20 km/h Speed)

The common misconception by some drivers is that they think the are not allowed to stop on these red parts. It is absolutely fine to stop on them. If for any reason (Stop or Give way), you must stop at these red parts, you must stop behind the 'White Line' and not behind the 'Yellow Line'. 

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