What to Expect on Your Driving Lesson

By Omid

Are you planning to take your first driving lesson? So you decided to take your first driving lesson and are curious to know what to expect in your first driving lesson! Great. We should admire you just for your courage to make this decision. Way too many people don’t even get to this stage and never experience the fun of driving. So pat yourself on the shoulder and get excited.

You might be a little nervous. We get that. Not many people are totally relaxed on their first lesson. learn how to drive You're a bit nervous and that's totally normal. It helps if you know what happens in your first driving lesson to pick things up much easier. So for example, you feel confident about what to do next. Before we get into what happens during your lesson, let's get YOURSELF ready first.


  • Get enough sleep. It's essential to have a good night's rest before your driving lesson. You're going to need all the energy to focus and remember the information from your driving instructor. In addition, being tired or sleepy is extremely dangerous when you're behind the wheel.

  • Don't drink alcoholic beverages the night before your lesson. It rarely happens when a student attends a driving lesson drunk. But just to highlight, you should stay away from alcoholic drinks if you're having a driving lesson. One, you won't be as alert as you are when sober. Two, you're endangering yourself and the people around you.

  • Eat a meal. Don't go with an empty stomach. It's important to have a meal before your lesson. A simple meal will do, just enough so you won't have a growling stomach. You can also go ahead and grab a banana if you're feeling nervous.

  • Double-check your pick-up place and time. If your driving instructor is picking you up, then great. You just have to make sure you're ready before your scheduled time. But if you have to go to a specific place, make sure you have the exact address and arrive at least 5 minutes before your lesson. If you're late, it's your time and your money. So be on time to get the most out of your driving lesson.


  • your provisional licence
  • wear comfy clothing and non-slip shoes
  • eyeglasses if needed
  • a bottle of water

Before a driving lesson starts, you will be assessed for your driving skills. You won't have to drive if you're a beginner and know absolutely nothing about driving. First, you'll get to know about different car controls. This is so you can familiarize yourself with the terms and their functions. Don't be afraid to ask questions from your driving instructor. It's better to ask than pretend you understand everything. So when the time comes for you to take over the wheel, you'll be prepared for what to do. 

You'll learn the cockpit drill as well. It's basically making sure you're comfortable and safe when you ride in the driver's seat. You'll answer these questions during your cockpit drill:

  • Are the doors securely closed?
  • Is your seat in a comfortable position? (Not too close or far from the steering wheel. You should be able to reach for the pedals comfortably.)
  • Is your steering position established?
  • Are your mirrors properly adjusted?

Now that we've got that down, let's proceed with what else to expect during a driving class. Your instructor will explain a few key procedures when driving. This is to make sure you'll have the knowledge in order to be safe on the road. That is why it is recommended to have 2 hours for your first lesson. So you'll have a chance to learn how to operate the car and get some driving in as well. During your lesson, you will learn how to:

  • Check your mirrors and blind spot. Your driving instructor will point out crucial areas to check when driving.
  • Signalling with your indicators. How to correctly use your signal lights before and after making a turn. And other situations you might need to use your signal lights.
  • Changing gear.
  • Move off and stop. You'll learn what you should do and what to look out for to safely move off and stop.

After your driving lesson, you will have a chat with your instructor. You'll be asked how you felt about your first driving lesson. And you will receive feedback from your instructor on things you need to improve. Tell your driving instructor about anything you think you're having difficulty with. This way, you can circle back to that for your next lesson. You should at least have 2 lessons a week. Thus, you'll have a shorter gap between your lessons and won't forget what you're learning. But don't rush and just take everything slowly. Remember to be consistent with your driving lesson schedule. It takes a while to develop a habit, so make sure you have a regular schedule for your driving lesson. Take your driving lessons seriously and you'll be confident to take the road in no time.

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