What You Need To Do The Night Before Your Driving Test

By Omid
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The days went by so fast and now you're one sleep away to take your driving test. And you're feeling anxious and nervous - even hesitant. It is important to know what to do the night before your driving test to lessen the nerves you're feeling. There are different factors you need to consider to prepare yourself before the test. And these helpful tips are just what you need to help you get ready for the test.

It's time to review. 

There's no harm done when you review the road rules the night before your test. If anything, it is a good time to get back on some topics that you're not confident at. Make use of this time to evaluate your knowledge when it comes to driving. You also have to get familiar with the different car controls and how to use them. The driving examiner will ask two of them randomly before you start your test. So make sure you know your car controls before taking your driving test. Sleep early - get enough rest. If you ever need to take some last-minute review, remember to set a time limit not to stay up too late. Maybe you were playing video games to take your mind off the anxiety you're feeling about your test. You may lose track of time when doing something you enjoy which will end up in losing time for sleep. So it is important that you set an alarm to remind you to get an early rest. If you're sleepy, you can lose your focus and be less attentive during your driving test.

Get things in order. 

With the test nerves you're feeling, you won’t be able to think clearly on the day of your driving test. You might even forget where you put your keys or eyeglasses. 

So have everything ready the night before your test. Make sure you have all your necessary documents such as your licence and car documents. You can put all these in a folder so you can easily locate them when needed. Don't forget to bring them with you!

Check your vehicle.

If you are using your own car for the driving test, check to see if there is anything that's broken. Make sure your lights and windshield wipers are working, as well as the brakes. The driving examiner will not check every single detail of your car. But it must be up to the standards and safe for driving.

Avoid alcoholic drinks. 

Stay away from alcohol if you have a driving test the following day. You should avoid drinking alcohol since it can make you incapable of going to your test. And you don't want to miss your test just because you went out drinking last night. If you missed your test, you will have to book and pay for another test. Then you’ll go over the same level of anxiousness while waiting for your test.

Lastly, bring your confidence to your driving test. 

This can be hard for some but what can help you gain confidence is by taking driving lessons. There is no definite number on how many lessons you’ll need. It depends on how well you adapt the skills during your lessons. But together with preparation, you'll be able to reach your goal and pass your test.

If you’re still in the process of booking for your practical test and want to check if you’re ready. You can book our mock test where the instructor will act as a driving examiner and guide you on what you need to improve.

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