What Happens After Passing Your Driving Test

By Omid
Driving Test Info

After all the preparation you went through; driving lessons and practice, now, here you are. You're finally able to complete your driving test. 

And this time, you're one step closer to your goals. You may have doubts about whether you passed the test or not. But before you get to know the results, you'll first be directed back to the test centre. There, your driving examiner will explain the outcome of your test.

‘Congratulations. You have been successful today’ 

These are the words we aim for and love to hear from the driving examiners after EVERY driving test. If your Driving Test Report Sheet is clean and has no marks on it, PERFECT. Hats off to you for an amazing performance. That means you have had ZERO driving errors. Yay! If you have received some errors, they are minor errors. But not to the extent that causes you to fail the test. So still, well done! We still hear those amazing words from the examiner. Just be patient and listen carefully to the examiner, as they go through those minor errors and give you their feedback on how you can correct them. EVERY, and I insist, EVERY single person remembers those errors for the rest of their life. Amazing, isn’t it? Anyway, what next?

Pay the licence fee. 

This applies to drivers who hold a learner or overseas licence. The QLD drivers licence cost (as of April 2022) is as follows:

1 year $83.55
2 year $116.50
3 year $144.10
4 year $166.75
5 year $187.10

If a photo is required, remove your eyeglasses.  

The next step is to sort out your photo. If you have a learners licence, you can choose to either transfer your learners photo to your P1 or P2 licence.

And if you don’t have a QLD learners licence, you need to get your photo taken by the staff at the test centre They will direct you where to sit, how to sit and what to do or not to do while your photo is being taken. So just follow their directions. 

It’s very IMPORTANT to declare to the staff if you wear glasses for driving as it must be put on your drivers licence. However, your photo will be taken with no glasses on.

If ever you need to take a new photo, you must make sure to remove anything that covers part of your face. This includes eyeglasses, sunglasses, and caps. If you wear headwear for religious reasons, make sure it is adjusted and that your facial features are clearly shown. Also, remember to keep a neutral expression when taking your photo.

Get your driver licence receipt.

Your new licence will not be available at the time you complete your driving test. But you will be given a driver licence receipt. This will serve as proof that authorizes you to drive while waiting for your licence. You don't have to worry about going back to the DTMR office to get your new licence since it'll be mailed to your address within 2 weeks.

If your driving test is on a Saturday, you must wait until the next business hours (Monday) to go back to any DTMR office to be issued with this receipt. The examiners will give you the Test Report Sheet to take with you to any QLD transport office (as proof of passing your test). Remember, this paper is NOT a licence and you cannot drive using it.

Display appropriate plates. 

Before leaving the test centre, you must display the appropriate plate. If you're issued with a P1 or P2 licence, you should remove your L-plate and replace it with the relevant P-plates. Failing to do so will result in receiving a fine and 2 demerit points.

Once you completed these steps, you can go straight behind the wheels and drive out of the driving test centre. Always remember to follow the road rules and stay safe on the road. 

And once again, CONGRATULATIONS for passing your driving test. Welcome to the family of solo drivers!

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