Things to Keep in Your Car at All Times

By Omid

Some prefer to travel light whether they are commuting to work or going on a road trip. But you should have these several things in your car in case something goes wrong during your drive. It is already given that you should have your important documents. This includes documents like proof of insurance, licence and registration, and emergency contacts.

Here is a list of other things that will come in handy in case of an emergency.

1. Glove essentials 

Stop rummaging through your stuff all over the car. You'll never know when you might need to write a note on one of your trips. So keep a small notepad and a pen in your glove compartment. This way you'll be ready to make a note when needed. If you are a tech-savvy person and know how to take notes using some note-taking apps (like Evernote, Google Keep, Samsung Notes, etc.) on your phone, great. You can ditch the pen and paper. You can also include a coin purse to keep spare change for supermarket trolleys.

2. Sunglasses

Sunglasses are a big help when you're driving during the summer season. Not only sunglasses are great to protect yourself from the summer glare but it completes your OOTD (Outfit Of The Day) as well. Just remember to store your sunglasses away from the direct sun so it doesn't expire.  

3. First aid kit 

You should always have your first aid kit handy in close proximity at all times. It is very important, especially when driving with young children. Regularly check the medicines to make sure they aren't expired as well as other items. So, you'll be ready whenever someone around you has a minor injury. But whenever the case is severe, call emergency services to better help the patient.

4. Early warning device (safety triangle)

Having an early warning device is very essential when your car breaks down. Or when you have to stop your car at night when it's foggy. This helps warn other road users to be alert when approaching ahead. Also, keep your hazard lights on at all times when your car breaks down to make sure you can be seen when there's poor visibility in the area.  

5. Flashlight

Speaking of having trouble at night during your trip, you should have a flashlight ready. It's definitely difficult to check the hood of your car or change a flat tire when you can't see things clearly. Having a flashlight will make things around you easier to locate and fix.

6. Jumper lead

Owning a jumper lead is another helpful investment for car owners. Although it is seldom used, there will be times it will come in handy. Either you can be the good Samaritan and help out other drivers or be the one in need of a jump start. 

7. Petrol container

Let's be honest, due to our hectic schedule or just mere forgetfulness, we sometimes miss filling up our car. At times you just have enough to reach your destination but you're not always going to be on the lucky side. So it's great to have a container you can use in case you run out of petrol.  

8. Spare tyre

As a driver or car owner, you should always keep a spare tyre in your boot. It's already a hassle when you're going to an appointment or a road trip and encounters a flat trye. You can avoid further delays if you have a spare tyre ready. Just make sure it's inflated and ready to be used.  

9. Tyre pump and gauge 

Include a manual pump in your trunk in case your tyre needs more air. Use a gauge to see if your tyre has enough air pressure in it. Keeping an accurate tyre pressure will guarantee better car control. This will also avoid you having tyre bursts.

10. Mini toolbox

You will need your tools to help you replace a flat tyre or other issues that needs fixing. It doesn't need to have all the tools but just enough for some simple repair. Make sure to include an adjustable wrench, lug wrench, car jack, and some electrical tape.

11. Towing cable 

Just an extra precautionary measure you can make is to add a towing cable to the list. Before buying one, see if its quality is up to par with its purpose. It should be durable since it's going to be towing heavy vehicles.

There are multiple ways you might need a tow cable. For instance, getting out from being mired down or when the car breaks. But you have to know how to use a towing cable since it'll have a sharp jerk when you try to drag the vehicle. If you're not experienced with a tow cable, it might cause damage to your car or the other vehicle.  

12. Spare cash 

There are a ton of times you might need extra cash when you're going on a trip. It should only be used in a "real" emergency and not just for an ice cream treat. Tuck it away out of sight, you'll only remember it's there when you badly need it. And remember to keep it well-hidden so it doesn't attract the eyes of thieves.

13. Umbrella or poncho 

Whether it's an unexpected rain or the weather is just gloomy, always keep an umbrella in your car. It will be handy when rain suddenly pours while you're in your car. This way, you'll be able to avoid getting soaked in the rain and eventually getting sick. 

You might think the items listed are quite a lot to keep in a car but you'll never know when you'll need these things. So it's better to pack all these to be prepared for your trip. Then you'll be able to handle any situations that you might encounter on the road.

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