Overseas Licence Conversion In QLD: Exempted Countries (NO TESTS Required)

By Omid
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In order for overseas migrants to be able to drive in Queensland , Australia, they need to have their overseas driver’s licence converted to an Australian licence. If you have been living in Australia for 3 months with a permanent residency visa, then you are required to have an Australian driver licence. You have to take the written test and practical driving test to be able to get your Australian driver licence. But there are countries and jurisdictions that are exempted from this. Number one on our list is New Zealand. Before we get to the rest of the countries, let's find out what are the different criteria for you to qualify.

Requirements to get a Queensland Licence

  • Getting your learner licence. You won’t have to pass a road rules (written) test if you hold or have held, within the last 5 years, a learner licence that is equivalent to a class C (car), RE (motorcycle, ie., moped) or R (motorcycle with unlimited engine size) licence.

    And to be eligible for a class RE learner licence, you must have held a provisional or open class C licence for at least 1 year in the last 5 years.

  • Getting your provisional or open licences. Likewise, you won't have to pass a road rules test or a practical driving test if you hold, or have held, within the last 5 years, a driver licence (other than a learner licence), that is similar to a class C, RE or R licence.


Austria Greece Netherlands
Belgium Guernsey Norway
Bosnia and Herzegovina Ireland Portugal
Canada Isle of Man (for licences issued on or after 1 April 1991) Singapore
Croatia Italy Spain
Denmark Japan Sweden
Finland Jersey Switzerland
France Luxembourg United Kingdom
Germany Malta (for licences issued on or after 2 January 2004) United States of America

Experienced driver recognition countries and jurisdictions

Additionally, if you come from these countries listed below, you won't have to pass the road rules test. This is if you are 25 years or older and you hold, or have held within the last 5 years, a learner licence that is equivalent to class C, RE or R licence. The same criteria are required to be eligible for this exemption.

Bulgaria Poland
Cyprus South Korea
Czech Republic Romania
Estonia Serbia
Hong Kong (Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China Slovakia
Hungary Slovenia
Latvia South Africa (Republic of)
Lithuania Taiwan

If you’re from one of these countries listed, then your licence conversion has become even easier to achieve. You’ll no longer have to worry about taking the written or practical driving test. However, as a driver, you still have the responsibility to prepare yourself for driving on Australian roads. Make sure to get a few driving lessons and practice to get yourself acquainted with the road rules.

If you are trying to convert your overseas licence to an Australian licence and you are in other states of Australia, check out the links below and see if your country is one of the recognized countries for exemption.

Remember that driving in Australia is easy if you know the rules.

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