10 Unusual Road Rules That Will Surprise You

By Omid

Have you received a fine when speeding through a red light? How about the time when you parked at a "No Parking" sign?  

Those are some common situations where drivers consciously break the rules. And there are some uncommon rules you probably did not know about and could cost you a considerable amount of money.  

You should know these rules to get yourself out of trouble.

1. Honking your horn.

A few drivers might have honked their horns to say "goodbye" to their friends or family. But did you know this is against the rules? It states, in the Australian Road Rules that a driver must not use, or allow to be used, a horn or similar warning device. Unless it is necessary to use the horn to warn other road users or animals, they must not use it. Now, you should carefully consider when you toot your horn next time. 

2. Driving exceedingly slow.

Taking your time driving after a long day at work or maybe on a nice summer breeze may be something you've done to enjoy the day. But you may be breaking the law in doing this. You are interfering with the traffic flow when you drive absolutely slow on the road. And if caught, you could receive a fine for obstructing other drivers or pedestrians.

3. Speeding up when being overtaken by other vehicles.

There are a few drivers who are guilty of doing this. It ticks them off when somebody tries to overtake them, so they immediately speed up as soon as this happens. It is actually against the law. You can only speed up when the other driver has passed your vehicle and is driving at a sufficient distance from your car. 

4. Not leaving the handbrake on.

It is undeniable for people to forget things. And some would say that forgetfulness is a form of freedom. 

But one thing you should never forget is to put your handbrake up. You should do this every time you stop to park or go get something real quick. 

According to the Australian Road Rules, a driver must apply the parking brake effectively to secure the vehicle and restrain it from moving. By doing this, you help promote safety for other people in the area. 

5. Leaving your keys in the ignition and unlocked car doors.

It goes without saying that one should never, I mean, NEVER, leave their keys in the ignition and leave their doors unlocked. This is very important to keep your car from being a target for thieves.

6. Using fog lights during clear conditions.

Unnecessarily using your front or fog lights is also illegal. Fog lights should only be used when driving in fog or hazardous conditions. Use your fog lights only when the visibility of the road is reduced.

7. Reversing for too long.

You may have seen a movie where the protagonist expertly reverses back at an alley and think it's cool. 

I hate to break it to you, but reversing unreasonably for an extensive length is against the law. It poses dangers to pedestrians since it's harder to navigate the wheels when reversing. 

8. Driving with limbs outside your car.

Most of the drivers had experienced putting their arms on the window of a car. Some even had made it a habit during their car ride. But this can be dangerous as it may lead to injuries or losing control of the vehicle. 

Another thing that looks common to most is waving your hands to say goodbye. It is considered illegal if you're doing this while the car is in motion. 

9. Stopping at or near a postbox.

There must not be any obstruction to a postbox as this causes a delay in mail deliveries. Some delivery companies permit their mail carriers to skip any house where the mailbox is inaccessible. So make sure to keep postboxes clear.

10. Giving way to 'restive' horses.

You might get the idea of a horse taking a rest here. So let's make it clear. This doesn't mean for drivers to avoid horses taking a nap on the road. 

It means giving way to horses who may be agitated and difficult to control. Some horses may get surprised and act violently. 

Try not to get too close or honk your horn to avoid startling a horse. 

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