Ron Wang

Ron Wang

Hi there,

This is Ron, an elite driving instructor at Emu Driving School, and here it is my story.

I was born in China. I graduated from an Australian university with a degree in 'Information Technology (IT)'. I, then worked as an IT specialist in China and Australia for a number of years and back in 2014, I settled down in Brisbane with my family. 

I have more than 20 years of driving experience in China and Australia with a very clean record. Driving, in fact, has always been one of my most enjoyable hobbies. 

While driving, I have come across many drivers with weak driving skills or bad driving habits and I have witnessed many dangerous situations with the possibility of serious accidents on the roads. So I decided to become a driving instructor to contribute to the safety of our community by teaching the learners the driving skills they will carry with themselves for life. 

With the skills you learn through my sessions, you are guaranteed to be a competent and confident driver on the road forever. I am a highly accredited professional driving instructor who is genuine, friendly and patient. I am also open-minded and passionate about my job and strive to deliver training at an exceptional level to my students. I have trained many students with different backgrounds and assisted them passing their practical driving test. 

Book your lesson today and sit back, relax and enjoy your driving journey with your supportive driving instructor. 

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